Meet The Team

JustME is an upmarket UNISEX salon in the heart of London.In a nutshell...

JustME is an upmarket unisex salon in the heart of London.

JustME where you can walk in with confidence,
knowing you will leave With a haircut that has been meticulously crafted *just for you* as a Tailor would *graft* his suit or her dress.
that is how we at JustME view hair. our goal is to create styles that are up to customers specifications and stylists standards all thewhile keeping currents trends in mind.

We achieve this through consultation and keeping a careful note of clients’ wants and needs.
This way we can ensure consistency from visit to visit, all the while building clients’ trust, loyalty, and expectations.

”Your haircut is as important as your suit or dress. So choose the best tailor for both.”

JustME salons offer world class colour services and beautiful, BESPOKE Hairdressing. JustME is an award wining colourist and has handpicked and trained his teams to deliver the very best personalised colour, style and experience. the JustME business is family owned and led by generations of uniquely skilled hair professionals. each team member is respectful, inclusive and inspired to deliver a tailored style that supports a philosophy of natural beauty enhancement in hair.


Director - Barber