JustMe London is providing the best women’s hair services, coloring or nail care, with a team of specialist women’s hairdressers who will guide and advise you on the best women’s haircut for your lifestyle.


JustMe London is providing the best men’s haircut, shave or beard trim, with a team of specialist men’s hairdressers who will guide and advise you on the best men’s haircut for your lifestyle.
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  • I have been in the salon today for a wash, cut and blow dry. I’ve found an excellent service and a friendly environment. I have appreciated the kindness and the quick understanding of my needs. The haircut has come off very precise and it is good to see when people do their job with passion.

    Juliet Somer
  • Absolutely lovely staff! They let us in just to use the restroom, ended up giving us champagne and coffee for free while we had a nice chat with the guy at the reception. All their customers seemed very happy and for good reason!

    Nitzan S.
  • The barbers are amazing. Haircuts have me coming back and recommending all my mates. They just know exactly what I want, provided with the best service. Music taste is up there aswell.

    Mahomed Ayob
  • The best place to treat yourself. Great atmosphere with welcoming staff. I totally recommend it!!

    Sah Merdan Solmus
  • Had one of the best haircuts I’ve had. Had a fantastic barber Mehmet – cut my hair in a different way to how I’ve had it in the past and it has made a huge difference. Thanks for the advice and il definitely be back

    Thomas Jones